Breakout Session B HeaderBreakout Session E

Saturday, April 22, 2017, 9:15 – 10:45 a.m.

E1. Adaptive Technology through Dance and Game Design
Location: Mint Ballroom

Emma Parker, Resident Teaching Artist, Center for Arts-Inspired Learning
Mike Geletka, Digital Arts Roster Teaching Artist, Center for Arts-Inspired Learning

Explore the creation and process of a Dance and Game Design Co-Op through CAL’s ArtWorks program. This co-op consists of 20 mixed ability trainees, who work together to create a dance video game like the popular game “Just Dance.” We showcase their progress on game avatars of various body types, for example, a dancer in a wheelchair; their movement choreography for the avatars, and their use of motion-sensor technology to follow those movements of the on-screen dancers. This co-op has enabled trainees with disabilities to create and experience a type of game that has been inaccessible to them in the past, while enabling trainees without disabilities to rethink stereotypes about what people with disabilities can accomplish. In this session, learn about the technology and methodology used for this co-op and the adaptations that are applicable for all ability levels in dance and game design.


E2. Remixing Cultural Narratives through Digital Media
Location: Post Room 3rd Floor Rotunda

Ryan Upp, Resident Teaching Artist, Center for Arts-Inspired Learning
Mike Obertacz, Director of Programs, Center for Arts-Inspired Learning

Remixing Cultural Narratives through Digital Media is a program funded by the Cleveland Foundation’s Minority Arts and Education Fund that uses digital media as a way for middle school students to develop a stronger sense of self while improving peer and community relationships. Students explore their perception of self, compared to how they are represented and portrayed by various forms of media. They are guided through drawing, digital photography, digital image manipulation, and stop motion animation techniques that positively highlight and reinforce social and emotional learning goals. This session highlights the effectiveness of digital arts residencies with elementary and high school students. Ryan Upp, will lead participants through plans, examples and strategies from the residencies, providing a framework of resources to successfully plan similar initiatives. This session provides an opportunity for hands-on exploration with multimedia activities.