YA National Conference April 3 – April 5, 2024 | Chicago, IL
April 3 – April 5, 2024 | Chicago, IL

Omote Ekwotafia-Thelin

B2. Telling the Story: Using Formative Data to Inform Best Practices in Program Implementation, Communications, and Outreach

Director of Marketing and Communications, Young Audiences of Louisiana

Omote Ekwotafia-Thelin is a Nigerian-American lawyer and musician. She holds a B.A. in Communications and Writing from the University of Tampa and a J.D. from Southwestern Law School. She currently serves as Director of Marketing and Communications at Young Audiences of Louisiana.

While Omote's adventurous spirit has led her from law school in Los Angeles to juvenile justice policy reform in Washington, D.C., in the end all roads lead to the South and she relocated to New Orleans, LA in 2013.

When she is not working, she is most likely enjoying her family, writing or creating music.