YA National Conference April 3 – April 5, 2024 | Chicago, IL
April 3 – April 5, 2024 | Chicago, IL

Friday, April 5  10:25am CT

Session B1: The Power of Words + Perseverance 
Jessica Mueller (she/her), Teaching Artist, CAPE 
Tracy Netter (she/her), CPS Art Teacher, New Sullivan Elementary 

Presenters will lead participants through step-by-step instruction of an arts integration project for all ages. We will explore social emotional learning concepts through mantra writing (for self and others) and by conceptualizing unique hand lettering and layout designs for posters and embroidery. By delving into text-based art and embroidery, participants will engage in project-based learning and problem-solving skills to foster compassion and empathy (for self and others). This project and presentation were inspired by MotherWords, a mental health/embroidery project developed by presenter Jessica Mueller.  

Session B2: A Strong Foundation: Crafting a Dynamic Professional Development Framework for Organizational Growth
Juliane Toce (she/her), Director of Education, Arts for Learning Maryland
Katherine Dilworth (she/her), Director of Arts Integration / YA Nationally Credentialed Teaching Artist, Arts for Learning Maryland

Expand your organization without diluting your impact. People love what you’re doing! They want more of it! So, you grow. But in that growth, you lose some of the magic. Where did the magic go? Come walk through how we are maintaining our magic through rapid growth and expansion. Learn how you can ensure the quality of the programs you’re running by keeping your partners and staff steadfastly aligned with your mission and vision. Design a way to stay responsive to the needs of your unique community while deepening the relationships with teaching artists and gaining the trust of classroom teachers and schools.

Session B3: Authentic Partnership for Meaningful Change
Kimberly Washburn Motte, Arts Learning Director, South Carolina Arts Commission 
Regi Strickland, Regional Director, ArtsNOW Learning

In high-need, underfunded areas, leveraging the power of the arts through arts integration can transform teacher practice and student engagement. This session explores how ArtsNOW, an education nonprofit organization focusing on arts integration professional learning, and Arts Grow SC, a collective impact initiative of the South Carolina Arts Commission, forged an authentic partnership to create broad-reaching, meaningful change in primarily rural areas with limited access to the arts. Participants will learn the roles that each organization plays and the importance of a network of support and will work in groups to collaboratively workshop relevant strategies to inspire future mutually beneficial partnerships.

Session B4: Artistic Disruption: Arts for Learning Indiana’s ‘third space’ Initiative 
Ploi Pagdalian (she/her), Senior Director of Programs, Arts for Learning Indiana
Christopher Nunn, Teaching Artist, Arts for Learning Indiana
Melli Hoppe (she/her), YA Nationally Credentialed Teaching Artist, Arts for Learning Indiana

The “third space” project temporarily disrupts the school environment and the learning experience by showcasing transformative works of art from established local artists, integrating art not only into the physical space of schools in the Indianapolis metro area, but into the curriculum as well.  This spatial disruption prompts students to explore and create their own meanings, see things in new ways, and acknowledge the extraordinary. This interactive session will feature a presentation, film viewing, panel discussion, and a Q&A. In addition to gaining an understanding of the “third space” concept, participants will be encouraged to reimagine school environments as dynamic learning spaces and the role of the arts within them.