Host Event 2024

Don’t miss our 2024 Host Event at CAPE Gallery (215 W Chicago Ave)!

Guests will be treated to Chicago delicacies, drinks, and performances from CAPE artists. Dinner will be provided, as will transportation between the site visits, event venue, and conference hotel. Host Event attendance is included for all conference registrants (please bring along your conference badge!). 

With questions about the Host Event, please email [email protected]

Featured Artists

Ayako Kato 
Ayako Kato is a contemporary experimental choreographer and dancer who describes her art practice as a “deep collaboration with music and grounded on the principles of fūryū, Japanese for ‘wind flow’, as it relates to cyclical transformation and human motion in nature.” Kato will perform a dance piece wherein movement is suspended between composition and improvisation, responding to space and a resonant soundscape.

Jason Roebke, Norman Long, and Nick Meryhew 
Musicians and sound artists Jason Roebke, Nick Meryhew, and Norman Long will  blend their sonic ruminations on instrumentation, electronics, and found sound. They will perform a suite of improvisations that weave unprocessed acoustics and processed, synthesized recordings in playful and unexpected aural structures.