CAPE Artists

Wednesday, April 3

Lional (Brother El) Freeman and Jason Roebke | Happy Hour at theWit: 4:30 5:15pm CT

Musicians and sound artists Lional (Brother El) Freeman and Jason Roebke will join forces to mix instruments, digital glitches, and sampled grooves. 

Thursday, April 4

Telpochcalli Orchestra | theWit: 9:00 9:15am CT
Conference guests will be treated to a morning of music by Telpochcalli Orchestra. Telpochcalli Elementary is a long-time CAPE partner which centers the school’s culture and learning on the community’s Mexican heritage. Led by music teacher Renato Ceron, Telpochcalli Orchestra will perform a selection of Mexican folkloric songs to kick off the conference. 

Collective Reflection Station with Neima Qureshi and Betsy Zacsek | theWit: throughout the day
Please stop by the Collective Reflection Station anytime during the conference to create a visual or audio response to a discussion, a practice, or a new idea. The station is organized by teaching artists Niema Qureshi and Betsy Zacsek, who have been exploring the creative potential of chance and indeterminacies through simple circuits, drawing, and sound-making in their classroom collaborations. As voice recordings, sound pieces, and visual works are compiled and played back, attendees will witness the multiple ways their responses diverge, intersect, and point to unforeseen understandings and notions about art education. 

Ayako Kato | Host Event at CAPE Gallery
Kato will perform a dance piece wherein movement is suspended between composition and improvisation, responding to space and a resonant soundscape. 

Jason Roebke, Norman Long, and Nick Meryhew | Host Event at CAPE Gallery
Musicians and sound artists will blend their sonic ruminations on instrumentation, electronics, and found sound. They will perform a suite of improvisations that weave unprocessed acoustics and processed, synthesized recordings in playful and unexpected aural structures. 

Icebreakerz | Host Event at CAPE Gallery
Icebreakerz will close out the evening program with bossa nova influenced pop music. The seven member band from North-Grand High school will also perform an original composition. 

Friday, April 5

Art-Making Reflection with Jordan Knecht theWit: 9:45  10:15am CT
Jordan Knecht, CAPE artist and educator, will lead an art-making reflection.

Collective Reflection Station | theWit: 1:30 2:15pm CT
Niema and Betsy invite participants to return to the Collective Reflection Station to unpack the accumulation of reflections.