YA National Conference April 3 – April 5, 2024 | Chicago, IL
April 3 – April 5, 2024 | Chicago, IL

CAPE Artists

Wednesday, April 3

Lional (Brother El) Freeman and Jason Roebke | Happy Hour at theWit: 4:30 5:15pm CT

Musicians and sound artists Lional (Brother El) Freeman and Jason Roebke will join forces to mix instruments, digital glitches, and sampled grooves. 

Thursday, April 4

Telpochcalli Orchestra | theWit: 9:00 9:15am CT
Conference guests will be treated to a morning of music by Telpochcalli Orchestra. Telpochcalli Elementary is a long-time CAPE partner which centers the school’s culture and learning on the community’s Mexican heritage. Led by music teacher Renato Ceron, Telpochcalli Orchestra will perform a selection of Mexican folkloric songs to kick off the conference. 

Neima Qureshi and Betsy Zacsek | theWit
Artists will lead an audio reflection station and activate the station/s between breakout sessions.

Ayako Kato | Host Event at CAPE Gallery
Kato will perform a dance piece wherein movement is suspended between composition and improvisation, responding to space and a resonant soundscape. 

Jason Roebke, Norman Long, and Nick Meryhew | Host Event at CAPE Gallery
Musicians and sound artists will blend their sonic ruminations on instrumentation, electronics, and found sound. They will perform a suite of improvisations that weave unprocessed acoustics and processed, synthesized recordings in playful and unexpected aural structures. 

Icebreakerz | Host Event at CAPE Gallery
Icebreakerz will close out the evening program with bossanova influenced pop music. The seven member band from North-Grand High school will also perform an original composition. 

Friday, April 5

Art-Making Reflection | theWit: 1:30 2:15pm CT
Artists will lead a group reflection session during Friday’s Coffee Chat.A