Designation: A1. Natural Resources

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Session 1A: Natural Resources
Jordan Knecht (he/him), Teaching Artist, Chicago Arts Partnerships in Education (CAPE)
Charles Bassett (he/him), Community Partner, CAPE
Sophia Ortega (she/her) (registered as Sophia Ulloa??) , Community Partner (registered as Community Partner), CAPE

This session will focus on how our CAPE community class uses natural resources found within and around the school, including non-conventional materials (rusty metal, collected stories, and discarded clothing), to facilitate collaborative projects. We will introduce our concept of natural resources, which includes not only physical materials, but the resources found within each member of our class as well.

Participants will come away with an expanded concept of what kinds of materials can be used creatively in a classroom. They will learn new collaborative strategies that, rather than be limited by physical ability, celebrate the unique abilities of each participant. They will also learn innovative techniques for non-conventional dyeing, including ice-dye, bleach discharging, and rust-dye.